SmartCagetm: automated, noninvasive, behavioral rodent monitoring

A simple, flexible, and versatile system for cost-effective translational research

The SmartCagetm system delivers accurate and consistent monitoring of rodent homecage activity (mice and rats).
SmartCagetm integrates a variety of modular add-ons that enable researchers to conduct a battery of the most common neurobehavioral assays for phenotypic analysis and in vivo drug ‘screening’.

Basic unit for general behavior assessments

  • Active/inactive: IR beam break count and active time
  • Locomotion: travel distance, speed and rearing (stand up). Position, and moving paths 

Modules for specialized behavioral tests

  • Noninvasive total sleep/wake monitoringLight/dark place preference and anxiety test
  • Social interaction (and social memory test)
  • Rotarod at homecage
  • Foot drop/fault (with an option of footshock)
  • Feeding behavior (with a food gate)
  • Drinking behavior and conflict drinking
  • Step-through passive/active avoidance test
  • Tone/contextual conditioned fear test
  • Automated sleep deprivationRotarod at homecage
  • Nicotine aerosol delivery/self administration