AeroDelivertm: Nose-only, free-moving nicotine exposure system

The AeroDelivertm series provides a powerful toolkit for studies of nicotine addiction, toxicology, teratogenicity and tobacco-related diseases.


AeroDelivertm consists of nose-only and free-moving nicotine exposure devices that rely on alveolar region-targeted aerosol/inhalation methods for drug delivery (e.g., nicotine) to rodents (rats and mice). Our software enables schedule-delivery or self-administration via nosepoke or lever pressing. 

The system can also be adapted to investigate other drugs of abuse such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, based on adjustments of aerosol generation conditions to achieve appropriate particle sizes. pdf file for Aerosol Delivery System

Product ID Specialized modules Assays Measurements Results
AeroDelivertm 09AD Nebulizer User schedule Drug administration schedule and duration Longest day recording
    Air pressure controller Self-administration Self-administration number, and cumulated dosing time; fixed ratio (FR), active vs inactive nosepoke number