Team and Scientific Advisors

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Xinmin Simon Xie, MD, PhD

(Former Group Leader, GlaxoWellcome, UK

Former Head of HTS lab, SRI International)


Business Development

Chih Ping (CP) Liu, PhD

Board Director

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor in the life science industry


Medicinal Chemistry

Frank Kayser, PhD

(Former Director of Chemistry, Amgen

Former Research Fellow, Merck)


Histology and pathology

Narayan R. Raju, DVM, PhD

Pathology Research Laboratories


Clinical Development

Martin Angst, MD

Professor in Anesthesia

Department of Anesthesia

Stanford University School of Medicine


Scientific Advisors

Mike Gresser, PhD

Pharmaceutical Scientific Advisor

Former Executive Director, Merck

VP Neuroscience, Amgen


David Yeomans, PhD

Associate Professor and Director, Pain Research

Department of Anesthesia,

Stanford University School of Medicine


Duy H. Hua, PhD

Professor of Chemistry

Kansas State University


Heike Wulff, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology

University of California, Davis


Chas Bountra, PhD

Professor of Translational Medicine

Oxford University, UK

(Former VP of Neurology, GSK, UK)