Basic neurobehavior

Basic neurobehavioral monitoring is essential for obtaining a comprehensive, objective, and chronic monitoring of experimental models of rodents, whether in their homecage or a special chamber. The Basic-SmartCage (O1BS) has been validated to accurately detect a multiplicity of neurobehavioral patterns:
  • animal active/inactive states
  • wake/sleep cycle
  • locomotion (traveling distance and speed)
  • position and moving path (e.g., cycling)
  • rearing activity to measure spontaneous and exploring activities

These parameters are detected by low and upper rows of infrared sensors (IR, total 22 photo-beams). An individual test subject (mouse or rat) is placed in a single homecage with thin bedding, and metal rack to hold food and water. There are two versions of the SmartCage platform, depending on the species of the test animal:

  • mouse cage (inner dimensions: L 12.5” x W 8.” x H 5”, with 4 legs adjustable, e.g., Allentown PC75JHT)
  • rat cage (L 18.5” x W 12.5 x H 4.5” with 4 legs adjustable e.g., Allentown PC10198HT)

The test subjects can be recorded continuously under a 12:12 hour light:dark cycle for a period ranging from seconds to months.